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We are always looking for inspired young scientists to join us in our quest to build a new laboratory where we will explore the most fundamental aspects of quantum world using ultracold atoms and molecules. You should be excited both to get your hands dirty in the lab, and to tackle some technically difficult theoretical questions!

Masters Students and Undergraduates (for Polish students click here)
There are numerous shorter-term opportunities for masters students, as well as undergraduates interested in experiencing atomic physics at its most exciting. Projects include:

  • electronics and control system design
  • design of various parts of the experimental apparatus (magnetic coils, rf and mw antennas, laser interferometers etc.)
  • laser design, construction and stabilization to atomic references, cavities or frequency comb
  • theoretical work closely related to the newest experiment ongoing and planned in the lab

Such projects may become undergraduate theses, masters theses, and can even transition into doctoral work.

For the most gifted we offer all the necessary support to help obtain prestigious grants aimed at young scientists like Diamentowy Grant, NCN Preludium or NCN Etiuda

Graduate and Postdoctoral Positions
Prospective graduate students and post-docs are encouraged to contact dr Semczuk directly (mariusz-dot-semczuk-at-fuw-dot-edu-pl).